Top 10 London Restaurants for Foodies

Top 10 London Restaurants for Foodies


Miss Portmanteau’s London Foodie Top 10

I have to admit, even as a food blogger, the pace of exciting new London restaurant openings is faster than I can follow. As a result, my London Restaurant Top 10 is constantly changing. There are so many delicious places to choose from, I have a top 10 for Mayfair, Asian food, sushi, cheap bites, etc. But if I absolutely must whittle it down to a top 10, these are the restaurants I’d pick.


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1. The Barbary, Neal’s Yard Covent Garden

Mediterranean and Middle Eastern

This place was ranked number one by Time Out London in it’s Top 100 London Restaurants ranking. The Barbary is the perfect blend of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cooking. Because of the counter seating, it’s best for dinners of two, sharing small plates of dips, grilled meats and vegetables along with the best buttered naan you’ll ever try. Read my review here.


The Barbary Naan


2. NOPI, Soho


Ottolenghi pastries and salads are a serious London obsession. After serving as a pastry chef in three top London restaurants, Israeli Yotam Ottolenghi teamed up with Palestinian chef Sami Tamimi to open the finest delicatessen around. Their unlikely friendship and innovative food are what London is all about! They now have several delis, cookbooks, and the gorgeous NOPI brasserie that became an instant favourite of mine. Their cooking style is very unique, with a focus on vegetables and unusual, yet explosive, flavour combinations.


3. Kricket, Soho


Possibly one of the most exciting developments in London’s food scene has been the Anglo-Indian restaurant revolution, looking to bring more traditional Indian flavours to British palates. We’ve come a long way since the days of Tikka Masala and Butter Chicken, I have to say. While Dishoom and Indian Accent are also fantastic, the creativity, flavours and value-for-money of Kricket do it best for me. Described as European food with an Indian twist, this is a place where the staff will soon know me by name. They take bookings downstairs with walk-ins only upstairs.


Kricket Indian London


4. XU London, Soho 


This is the third restaurant by the super successful Bao family, which opened in April last year. Continuing on from the small plates food trend, examples of their top dishes include chilli egg drop crab, char sui Iberico pork and Taiwanese streetfood-inspired dumplings and pancakes. This place really nails it on the atmosphere, food and drink. Read my review here.


5. Yauatcha, Soho

Chinese dim-sum

It’s hard to choose a dim sum favourite in London, although for me Yauatcha stands out as the best contemporary Chinese of them all. Yauatcha was created by top restauranteur Alan Yau of the famous Wagamama and Busaba chains. Although he sold his majority stake in his two Michelin-starred restaurants Yauatcha and Hakkasan in 2008, the restaurant has retained its Michelin star since 2005. Its modern interiors completely mask the fact that this place has been around for so long. I love everything on the menu but you won’t find a better venison puff.


Yauatcha Venison Puff


6. Corrigan’s, Mayfair

British and Irish

My top Mayfair pick, and one of my all-time favourite restaurants, is from celebrity chef Richard Corrigan. Generally speaking, food around Mayfair is expensive, clientele mostly in suits or Louboutins, thus not everyone’s cup of tea. But what I love about Corrigan’s is that it serves high-quality British and Irish cuisine with a focus on game and seasonal ingredients, cooked to perfection. It’s a multi-award winning restaurant and one of the best examples of British cooking in London. Corrigan also owns Bentley’s Oyster Bar and Grill in Piccadilly, one of my seafood favourites.


7. Myungga, Soho

Koran BBQ

This no-frills Korean BBQ restaurant at the end of Kingly Street is hands down the best Korean in town. I’ve tried other fancier versions but none compares to this family-run original, open since 1990! There’s always a queue and yet they always manage to find you a table. Here’s what I order: kimchi, rice cakes with fishcakes, glass noodles with chicken, mixed Korean BBQ, pork or chicken bibimbap. You won’t regret it.


8. Homeslice, Neal’s Yard Covent Garden


London has no shortage of good pizzas but this isn’t the top good restaurants of London. Good doesn’t make it into my top 10! Homeslice in Neal’s Yard specialise in giant 20-inch thin-crust pizzas served whole or by the slice. The toppings are original and delicious, such as BBQ beef brisket, chorizo corn and coriander, and spiced lamb with cabbage. It’s absolutely amazing.


Homeslice Neals Yard Pizza


9. Bao, Soho and Fitzrovia

Taiwanese Bao

These are the guys responsible for the bao fever and bao explosion in London over the past few years. Bao started off as a street stall, landing its first permanent venue in Soho in April 2015. Nearly three years on, there is still a huge queue outside Bao almost on a daily basis. The trio behind Bao are fast becoming one of the most successful restauranteurs in London. 100% worth the wait, or book a table at their Fitzrovia branch. Read my review here. 


10. Smoking Goat, Shoreditch


Smoking Goat opened on Denmark Street in Soho around the same time as Som Saa, during a wave of interest in Thai-inspired restaurants that the cool kids are calling Nu-Thai. I’m extremely disappointed to discover that it’s recently closed, as the lease expired?! That’s ridiculous. The good news is that they opened a second goat in Shoreditch, and hope to return to Soho in the near future. Ben Chapman, the chef behind Smoking Goat, is also the man behind the super popular Kiln (see below).



Top 10 London Restaurant Wish List

My Top 10 is constantly changing as I discover new favourites. Although I’ve not eaten at these yet, these are the restaurants I’ve heard the most about and would like to try soon. I can’t review the food, but I can tell you why I’m interested.


London Restaurant Popups

  1. Padella, Borough Market: Apparently, Padella make the best – and cheapest – pasta in London. London’s gone fresh pasta mad lately, with cook-it-at-home Pasta Evangelists and another new place called Pastaio  joining the competition. *I’ve since been to Padella and can confirm it is the best, cheapest pasta in London!!*
  2. Malibu Kitchen at the Ned, Bank: I’ve heard this place is amazing. I think it’s pretty awesome that health food is now a massive trend. There’s been a huge shift towards vegan, vegetarian and healthy foods for both you and the environment! My current favourite is Farmacy in Notting Hill.
  3. Barrafina, Drury Lane, Covent Garden: Some rate this place as the best for Spanish tapas in London. I’ll have to try it first to give my opinion! I really love Donostia at Seymour Place, or Tendido Cero on Old Brompton Road.
  4. Dinings, Marylebone: I’ve heard such good things about this sushi place in Marylebone and can’t believe I still haven’t been. Probably because Kyubi in the Arts Club is my go-to restaurant for sushi. I also love Kiku, Sushi Tetsu and Yashin Ocean House.
  5. The Palomar, Soho: This is the big sister to the Barbary. The food is supposed to be similar, although I can’t seem to get a table! I usually make reservations with only 1 weeks notice, which is why I keep missing out on this place.
  6. Hoppers, Soho:  I’ve read that this place is in the same league as Kricket, except the food is more Sri Lankan-inspired than Indian. Having been to Sri Lanka last year where the food was incredible, I’m really keen to try this place.
  7. Kiln, Soho: It’s the same owner as Smoking Goat, and I’ve heard it’s even better. I’ve checked out their menu and literally want to try every dish!
  8. Som Saa, Spitalfields, Liverpool Street:  Som Saa opened at the same time as Smoking Goat and is rated by many as the best place for Thai food. While I still love traditional Thai, this “nu-Thai” concept is more like the food you’ll find in trendy restaurants around Phuket or Bangkok.
  9. Londrino, London Bridge: I recently went on a mission to find the best Portuguese restaurants in London. At the time of posting, Londrino hadn’t opened yet. It’s brand new and I’ve heard good things about chef Leandro Carreira.
  10. Temper, Soho and City: London was lacking proper American-style grill houses until places like Smokestack and Temper came along. Their Soho concept is a bit different, as it’s grilled meat in tacos! Sounds interesting. *I’ve since been here and thought it was just ok, while my male dining companions fell in love.*



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