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The Wine List Review

2021 UPDATE: Unfortunately, the Wine List closed down in September 2021, a real shame as it was a fantastic company and an idea I still believe in. I’m really sorry to see them go.

What makes the Wine List different?

As a big supporter of London-based food delivery start-ups like Pasta Evangelists, HelloFresh, and Oddbox, I was instantly intrigued when an invitation to review the Wine List popped into my inbox.

In my experience, wine subscriptions are usually about getting deals on buying cases in bulk, which, as a moderate wine drinker, is not for me. And that’s where the Wine List is different. Their subscription includes just two bottles a month, making it feel like a lot less of a commitment.

The Wine Course

The concept behind the Wine List is very simple. They promise to teach you everything you need to know about wine over 24 carefully selected and sourced bottles over 12 months.

Each month you will learn a little more about the core fundamental principles from wine-making to wine-tasting. Things like grape, vineyard, weather, fermentation method and ageing style will soon become a part of your general knowledge. The goal is to be able to know what a wine should taste like before you even try it.

What you get with your subscription

A Wine List subscription costs £39 per month. In your first delivery, you’ll receive:

– An introduction to wine tasting
– Your first two wines, worth around £15-20 on average
– Interactive tasting cards to help find the words to describe what you taste
– Your learning plan for the next 12 months

The Wine Tasting Test

Wine List Review Miss P

The two bottles I received were a white wine from Lebanon called Massaya White, and a pink-skinned red wine called Cara Sucia from Argentina.

Wine List Wine Tasting

We first tried the white wine while reading through the introduction to wine tasting. The short booklet explained how to properly look, smell, taste and judge the wine.

Wine List 12 Month Wine Course

I loved the bright yellow colour of the Massaya. We could all taste the delicious aromas of flowers, lemons and honey. And I particularly enjoyed the inclusion of the winemakers story, which always helps me feel a connection to what I’m drinking.

Wine List Red Wine Blog Review

Next, we cracked open the red. This bottle was very interesting, because it was a light-bodied fruity wine made in the heart of Mendoza. A region better known for their rich and dark crimson Malbec’s. Similar to a Beaujolais nouveau, it was perfect served slightly chilled on a warm June afternoon.

Wine List Blog Review

The Verdict

While a Lebanese white and a light young red wine are typically on the opposite spectrum of what I would normally go for, I love that the Wine List introduced me to something completely new. So if, like me, you’re looking to break out of your wine safe zone and have an interest in learning more about wine, then I 100% recommend you give the Wine List a try.

As mentioned earlier, I was invited to give an honest review of the Wine List in exchange for one box with 2 wines. As always, all opinions are my own.

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