Shop my Summer Essentials

As it’s nearly summer (finally!) I wanted to share some of the key pieces I’ve bought for the season. I’ve limited my summer haul to just a few essentials, in an effort to be a more conscious consumer, following the slow fashion and slow lifestyle ethos. Check it out!


What I Wore in Mykonos

  Mykonos is definitely the most fashionable Greek island I once bumped into Olivier Rousteing as we squeezed our way through the town centre’s crowded streets somewhere between 1 and 2 am. It’s one of the first things people notice on their first time to…


INTERVIEW: Erika Alvarez of Koua | Mexzik

  Bringing Mexico to the World Each month I’m interviewing rising stars, entrepreneurs in different industries and sectors to share their inspiring stories as well as help us understand what it takes to carve your own path in life. Last month we heard from the Collyer…


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