Top 10 London Restaurants for Foodies

The pace of exciting new restaurant openings in London is faster than I can follow. Especially since I started blogging, it’s as if I’ve grown a finely-tuned radar that detects them. It’s basically my superpower. So it’s no surprise that my London Restaurant Top 10 is constantly changing. In this post, I share my top 10 of places I’ve been as well as those that are still on my wish list.


Taiwanese Tapas at XU London

  If you haven’t been to XU yet, it’s a bao time. When I heard that the owners of Bao London were opening a Taiwanese restaurant, I didn’t doubt for one second that it was going to be amazing. Still, I had to see for myself. Located…


Restaurant Review of Bao Soho, London

  How to Queue for Bao Soho If you want to avoid looking like a total idiot, look again up and down the street outside Bao before you enter. It’s a common mistake once you turn onto Lexington Street Soho, to only look at the…


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