• Sunday Lunch at Herodion Hotel, Athens

    y k Locally-sourced Contemporary Greek Food at the Herodion Hotel The Herodion Hotel sits right at the foot of the Acropolis. It has two award-winning restaurants run by the same kitchen: the popular summer rooftop bar and restaurant Point A and the ground-floor restaurant Atrium,…

    Yakiniku Cuisine in Kolonaki Athens

    Red Door is the first yakiniku ‘grilled meat’ bar restaurant in Athens. Dine in just your socks, no shoes allowed. Draw the curtain shut for privacy or leave it open and watch as the bar fills up and transforms into a club.

    So what does Banksy’s Girl with a Balloon taste like?

    While looking at Banksy’s latest artwork or a Rothko painting, did you ever think to yourself and wonder what it must taste like? The Rosewood’s Executive Pastry Chef Mark Perkins had just this thought, as he carefully selected five modern artists and their works to represent his afternoon tea desserts.

    A Carousel of Creativity on Baker Street

    The concept behind Carousel is that no two days are ever the same. They describe their venue as ‘a revolving creative hub’, where you can experience anything from fine dining to life drawing, terrarium making or spoon carving, film screenings, music, comedy, and much more.

    INTERVIEW: The Collyer Twins

      A look inside: Social Influencers Miss Portmanteau teamed up with the beautiful Collyer Twins to talk blogging and social media success. They explain what it’s like breaking into the social media world, taking us through some key challenges, career highlights and what’s next in store. The…

    Truffles 101: Top Ten Facts You Should Know

      What the truffle? What do you know about truffles? Most people don’t know much at all. For example, did you know that dogs are used instead of pigs in truffle hunting because it is much safer? Oh yes, it is far easier to remove…

    How to Roast Chicken Like a Genius

      The Simplest Roast Chicken Roasting a chicken could not be more straightforward. Whether you follow the packet instructions or how your mother taught you, it will go something like this: preheat the oven, marinate the bird, roast for said time, rest and carve. Or so I…

    Bob Bob Ricard: Press for Champagne

    Slide into your booth at Bob Bob Ricard, a Soho restaurant serving English and Russian classics, and you may think you’re there for some fancy food. Think again. You’re in for a good time. Bob Bob Ricard is a sure thing, any night of the week. Press for champagne, sit back and enjoy.

    Athens: Balthazar Restaurant and Bar

    Balthazar is among my top picks for dinner and drinks in Athens, serving modern Mediterranean cuisine with a Japanese twist inside a beautiful mansion house since 1973. The house opens year-round, with a stunning garden open during the summer.

    Bougain Villa: Mykonos Summer House in Agios Ioannis

      Miss Portmanteau brings you an exclusive opportunity to book the perfect Mykonos villa for your summer vacation. Bougain Villa re-opened for bookings in June 2017 following a major renovation to upgrade the property to today’s luxury standards.   Property Highlights: 3 bedrooms, 3 en-suite bathrooms, sleeps…

    How to Handle Valentine’s Day

    A word to the wise: Make Valentine’s Day memorable, because chances are, it will be remembered. Whether it’s your first Valentine’s together or your sixth, casually dating or totally single, here’s some advice on how to handle the day of love.

    Restaurant Review of Bao Soho, London

      How to Queue for Bao Soho If you want to avoid looking like a total idiot, look again up and down the street outside Bao before you enter. It’s a common mistake once you turn onto Lexington Street Soho, to only look at the…

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