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Here’s £10 off your first box! 🥕

What is Oddbox?

Oddbox is a London-based fruit and vegetable home delivery service on a mission to save perfectly healthy and delicious fruit and vegetables from going to waste.

In the UK, an astonishing third of all food produced doesn’t even leave the farm and simply goes to waste! That’s because it is either ‘surplus’ or doesn’t ‘look right’. And that’s where Oddbox come in, connecting farmers and growers directly with consumers to help fight this wasteful problem.

By cutting out the middlemen, Oddbox produce is also incredible value for money. To give you an idea, a small fruit and vegetable box contains 7 varieties of veg and 3 types of fruit, enough for 2 people at just £12.99 a week. Previously, my weekly fruit and vegetable shop was over £60.

Oddbox is fantastic for everyone, and not just vegetarians and vegans. The variety of seasonal fruit and vegetables they deliver is one of the things I enjoy most about my subscription, and I hope will also inspire you to try new things outside of your comfort zone. You can skip a week or cancel at any time, so give it a go with £10 off your first box.

How Odd is Oddbox?

The name Oddbox brings to mind those funny-looking fruits and vegetables that you don’t usually see because supermarkets filter them out. The weird and wonky kind that come in odd colours, shapes and sizes. Carrots are notorious for this. But apart from one inverted red pepper, like an empty ball folded in half, and potatoes still crusted with soil, the oddest thing about Oddbox is that not enough people seem to know about it.

The majority of Oddbox fruit and veg isn’t odd at all, hence their tagline “sometimes odd, always fresh”. It’s really mostly surplus. And surplus just means that the grower was unable to find a buyer/distributor for all of his beautiful produce.

How Oddbox works:

  • Oddbox buys fresh fruit and vegetables directly from local farmers.
  • They then package the seasonal produce into a variety of boxes for delivery.
  • Choose a box size and whether you want just fruit, vegetables or both!
  • Every box is delivered straight to your front door overnight, because less traffic means more boxes delivered while saving on carbon emissions.
  • What is left over, Oddbox donate to charities to help the fight against food poverty.

What’s in the box?

  • A fun little newsletter about what’s new or newsworthy in the exciting world of British produce!
  • Tips on how to enjoy your box, such as how and where things should be stored, and also when they should be eaten!
  • Recipe of the week, with a lot more recipe ideas and inspo on their blog.
  • A full detailed list of which fruit and vegetables were rescued that week across all the different boxes.

How do they help save the planet?

Wasted food is also wasted resources, such as the energy and water that went into growing the food. So for every Oddbox, you’re also saving on these resources and doing a little bit to help save the planet.

Sustainability is at the core of the Oddbox ethos. That’s why they deliver overnight to cut emissions and find consumers for food that would otherwise go to waste, saving both the food and the resources that go into growing and delivering it.

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