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Netflix Power

8.1/10 on IMDB (2014-)


Power is one of my top TV series obsessions produced by 50 Cent, available on NetflixYou have to check out Power, a friend said to me. You can thank me later. Well here’s me thanking you, Xenofon!

The show revolves around the life, or double life, of main character “Ghost” James St. Patrick, played by Omari Hardwick. Big time New York drug dealer by day and money laundering club owner by night, Ghost is torn between his gangster life and his dreams of going clean.

It doesn’t help that his OG wife Tasha and his best friend slash business partner Tommy are less than supportive of his new direction. He also has hard-core thug Kanan, played by 50 Cent, to contend with. Add a high school crush slash FBI agent into the mix, and things start to get interesting. Every episode ends with a cliffhanger that will have you watching episode after episode to see how it all goes down.



Netflix Power

“Ghost” James St. Patrick played by Omari Hardwick


The best soundtrack ever

Keep your Shazam closeby to get the songs. The intro song, Big Rich Town by 50 Cent feat. Joe is a banging tune with awesome lyrics. It’s one of the few intro songs (shout out to Game of Thrones theme tune) I don’t skip past. Check it.

I never took a straight path nowhere, life’s full of twists and turns / Bumps and bruises, I lived, I learned.

A note on nudity… Power has an incredible amount of sex scenes, far more than I care to watch. And then they go and show more of 50 Cent than I care to see! Definitely not one to watch with the parents.

There was a funny behind-the-scenes story that leaked about a nudity clause all the actors had to sign for the show, which basically meant no body doubles. But that didn’t stop 50 Cent from being caught off-guard concerning some graphic scenes involving his, um, aubergine. 50 Cent was not happy at all about the slip, claiming it was not in the edited version he’d been shown.



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