What to Pack for Mykonos

What to Pack for Mykonos

Packing Checklist

Mykonos is a place of extremes. The sun is hot, the wind and nights are cool. Local boutiques and souvenir stores sit alongside Louis Vuitton and Chanel shops. Some beaches are empty and quiet while others are throwing the party of your life. If you’re wondering how the hell you pack for such a place, I’ve made you a checklist to help.

#1 SunScreen, Hat, and Sunglasses

Always protect your skin from the sun! It’s usually better to bring sunscreen along than wait to buy it at your destination, since prices are often higher and supply isn’t always great. I recommend at least 30 SPF for your body and face and to apply at least 20 minutes before exposure. Hats are a necessity if you plan on taking a boat trip, walking around or making a fashion statement. The same goes for sunglasses, obviously.

#2 Cash is King

Pound to Euro is depressingly low right now, not good news for your Mykonos holiday budget. Cash is still King in Greece and while they generally take cards, it’s not guaranteed. A lot of beaches now have valet parking too, which is another few euros you’ll be needing. Better to bring plenty of cash.

#3 Camera, GoPro, Selfie-stick

Mykonos is beautiful. Clear blue waters, bays and beaches, white-washed houses, iconic windmills, boutiques, more than 300 churches, stone-paved streets… It’s definitely a great place to take photos and blast them all over Instagram.

#4 Drivers License

There is a notorious shortage of taxis on the island. If this is how you plan to get around, you’ll most likely find yourself waiting for several hours when taxis are in demand. It’s definitely advisable to rent a car or quad bike to get around the island easily.

#5 Mosquito Repellent

It’s summer, it’s Greece, it’s an island. Mozzies are unpleasant little buggers and it’s best to wear repellent when you’re out and about to avoid those annoying, unsightly bites. Keep it in your bag at all times. You might still be at the beach well after the sun has set, so don’t get caught out! Also consider buying some for your room if the hotel doesn’t already provide this.

#6 Comfortable Shoes

Ladies and gents, let’s not have any twisted ankles, please! The floors are very uneven, stilettos are impossible to walk in. I’ve tried it, I instantly regretted it, don’t do it. Low, chunky heels, are just about manageable. But generally, comfy footwear is a must. Footwear, not flip flops. Don’t even think about wearing flip flops unless you’re treading sand.

#7 Jacket and Trousers

Mykonos is also known as the windy island! The weather is quite unpredictable and some nights can be chilly and cool. It’s always advisable to bring a cardigan, blazer or jacket, as well as a shawl to wrap around you when the temperature drops, and a pair of trousers, too!

#8 Bring your Toiletries to the Beach

Bring my what now? Yes, that’s right. You never know when the party mood will strike. If you find yourself feeling a bit grubby at 7 pm just as the beach party is kicking off, it’s good to have brought some wipes, hand sanitizer, moisturizer, hair products and make-up to freshen up for the rest of the night!

#9 Medicine

The last thing you wanna do on holiday is end up in the medical centre! Speaking from experience, here’s what you’ll need: Paracetamol for headaches, dioralyte for dehydration and hangovers, sea-sickness tablets for boat trips, mosquito bite itch relief cream, antihistamines for allergies, lozenges for sore throats. You’re welcome.

#10 Reading Material

It’s important to get some down time on your holiday and relax with a book by the pool or at a quiet beach. Don’t be that asshole that needs to be entertained while everyone else is trying to read their book!



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