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Some people buy cars, I buy plane tickets and hotel rooms. I jump on every opportunity to travel because I believe it is one of the most mind-opening, life-enriching human experiences out there. It puts things into a perspective I wouldn’t otherwise have.

I’ve been incredibly lucky to travel to many parts of the world and yet I’ve only scratched the surface of all the places I want to discover. I did a lot of traveling growing up but definitely kicked it up a few notches after meeting my husband. We quickly discovered our shared love for travel and, no longer on student budgets, set out to make the very best travel moments together.  

We pick places both near and far, knowing that the window of opportunity to see the world is one which will open and close several times throughout our lives as priorities and circumstances change. Six years of honeymoons later, on a mission to check off as much of our ‘pre-baby bucket list’ as possible, here are some of our best luxury travel moments. 


1. Staying at Cobbler’s Cove in Barbados… twice 

Cobbler’s Cove is a Relais & Chateaux hotel on the northwest coast of Barbados, which will always be very special to us. On a crazy, spur-of-the-moment night, (and clearly trying to impress one another) my husband and I booked this trip just 3 weeks into our relationship! We flew out a month later just before the Christmas holidays and, realising it was one of the best decisions we ever made, went again 3 years later to celebrate our engagement. The hotel is such a peaceful sanctuary, like being transported into a postcard-perfect paradise. My favourite Bajan activities include swimming with the magnificent sea turtles and drinking the famous rum punch. Check out my post about why Barbados is the perfect winter escape here



2. A Ryokan stay in Hakone, Japan 

Visiting Japan was a life-long dream for the both of us. I love Japan for all its quirks and contrasts. From the spotlessly clean streets and overall orderliness to the absolute madness that awaits inside the bars and entertainment venues. We visited Tokyo, Kyoto and Hakone, a rural town popular with Tokyoites wanting a break from the city. In Hakone, we stayed at a traditional Japanese inn called a ryokan, where you wear a yukata, bathe naked in hot springs, sleep on a futon and enjoy kaiseki meals served in your room by a charming hostess. It was a unique experience I will cherish forever. 


Ryokan Stay in Hakone Japan


3. Going to “The Beach” at Phi Phi Islands, Thailand 

The Phi Phi islands were, of course, made famous by one of my favourite movies and actors, the beautiful Leonardo DiCaprio in the Beach. So yes, that’s where (and why) I wanted to go! Some of the film’s most epic scenes take place on Maya Bay on the uninhabited island Phi Phi Leh. In recent years, however, the beach has become so popular with tourists that Thailand had to close access temporarily in order to help preserve its natural environment. Here’s a photo of us on the beach, with me trying to jump while holding a can of coke. 


Maya Bay Thailand Phi Phi


4. Michelin dining in Turin, Italy 

In my blog post 30 Things Before 30, number 1 on my list is going to a Michelin-starred restaurant and paying for it yourself. We ticked this one off in Turin, Piedmont at Del Cambio, one of the oldest restaurants in the world dating back to 1757. The restaurant has hosted some incredible names throughout its history, including Audrey Hepburn, Nietzsche, Verdi… oh and Miss Portmanteau! The food was incredible and the service impeccable. However, our Italian waiter was very serious, spoke no English, and insisted on explaining every dish to us… in Italian. So when he came over to serve a plate of “caccio,” George gave him a stern look back and, trying to refuse the dish, said “no, no, no cazzo!” You should have seen his face. After that, he was all smiles and even managed a bit of English. It still makes me laugh. 


Del Cambio Turin Italy


5. The Most Luxurious Estancia in Argentina

About an hour’s drive outside the capital is a little slice of heaven called La Bamba de Areco. I found this place during my Argentina trip research, where every review I read said that it was the absolute highlight of their entire trip. How can that be possible? I thought, reading review after review of people who had traveled to Buenos Aires, Mendoza and Patagonia, and yet this little place was their highlight? This I had to see. Like them, it without a doubt became the highlight of our trip too. La Bamba de Areco is one of the best hotels I’ve ever stayed in. It’s not very big or plated in gold like your typical luxury hotel. Our rooms were small and our meals served together on one big communal table. But the grounds are epic, the sunsets unbelievable, and the company, priceless. 


Argentina La Bamba


6. Best Sushi Dinner of my Life in Honolulu, Hawaii

For the full story, you can check out my blog post, but for a quick recap, we basically booked Ginza Onodera Honolulu for our first night in Hawaii after traveling for over 30 hours from London. It sounds insane, I know, but that was the only time that was going to work and I didn’t want to miss it since it was so highly recommended by my husband’s boss’s boss. After nearly missing our reservation, we made it and I’m so glad that we did because it turned out to be the best dinner of our lives! 


Playing in Ginza Onodera


7. Driving the Road to Hana

It’s so important to do your research well before visiting a place, especially when you’re traveling as far as Hawaii. Driving the Road to Hana is one of the most famous things to do, but many people try to do it in a single day or spend just one night in Hana before returning. Both of those are, in my opinion, a big mistake. The best part of driving the road to Hana, guys, is frickin Hana! Hana is an incredible place. I preferred it to Wailea on the other side of Maui. We stayed 3 nights at the Travaasa Hana for half the price of the hotels in Wailea and double the magic. 


Travaasa Hana


8. Helicopter ride over Kauai’s Na Pali Coast 

This was my first and only helicopter ride and oh my god what an experience. Taking off was such a rush as we lifted up into the air and flew along Kauai’s incredible Na Pali coastline. The pilot treated us to a Jurassic Park tour, pointing out the locations of key scenes such as the helicopter landing in the first film. We flew doors off, which means better photographs, but also higher adrenaline. Since I was sandwiched between the pilot and my husband as tightly as a boob in a mammogram, I didn’t have any fear of falling out. Even as he tilted the helicopter 90 degrees to the left and right so that we were looking straight down the waterfalls. But my husband, for that matter, discovered a fear he never knew he had. Meanwhile, as I enjoyed the views instead of sticking to my focus-on-the-horizon anti-vomit rule, I came freakishly close to spewing all over everyone. Thankfully, both my husband and I kept it together. 


Helicopter Ride Kauai


9. Flying First Class home on our Honeymoon 

For another honeymoon first, we upgraded our return flight using British Airways rewards points to First Class. We figured that after such a luxurious honeymoon, now was not the time to drop our standards! The first class lounge in Tokyo was epic, particularly the full body massage chair! And we enjoyed the most comfortable long-haul flight back home we’ve ever had. The only downside is that BA’s first class is really not that much better than their business class, in contrast to the otherworldly first class seats on other airlines, such as Emirates, or so I hear. Click here to read my post about whether or not I thought it was worth it.



10. Staying at Wynn Palace in Macau 

Just two weeks ago, we took the ferry to Macau from Hong Kong for the weekend. We chose Wynn Palace in Cotai on the recommendation of a friend and were not disappointed. This place is like the opposite of La Bamba de Areco, which is best described as real old-world luxury. Cotai, on the other hand, is pure new-world, new-money luxury. The hotel looks a lot like a luxury circus for adults. As if someone said, make me the most luxurious hotel you can possibly imagine, and all the designers got together and delivered. The hotel cost a staggering $4.2 BILLION dollars to construct. It has 1706 rooms, 12 restaurants, a 350 table casino, designer shops and a performance lake with a skycab that goes nowhere except taking customers on a little tour around the lake! The hotel also has a (very expensive) floral theme, with giant carousels made out of flowers and Jeff Koons’ $34 million Tulips sculpture. It is nothing short of incredible. Blog post coming soon! 😉 


Wynn Palaca Cotai Macau


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  1. Great to read about all those special places. My favourite ones are for the moment Maldives and safari in Kenia & Tanzania. But I must say I’m also in love with Europe and we love skiing in winter in Austria. Instead of hotels we usually rent luxury or charming villas, chalets and homes. You can find more on my blog. Keep on travelling !!!!

  2. 19 June 2018 / 8:36 pm

    “I jump on every opportunity to travel because I believe it is one of the most mind-opening, life-enriching human experiences out there” I absolutely, 1000% agree!

  3. 8 June 2018 / 2:04 pm

    What a great list, I have read so many amazing things about Cobbler’s Cove!

    • 11 June 2018 / 6:38 pm

      You would love it! Go off-peak and take advantage of their deals! x

  4. 6 June 2018 / 11:50 am

    We have so much in common! Love that you and your husband are on a six year honeymoon…me and mine are on an eight years and counting one! Also love that you both love travelling, as do we, and it has now become a passion! Absolutely loved your experiences…you have just added to my ever growing WanderlustList! And yes, First on Emirates is something that once experienced, is difficult to forget…. #Travellinkup

    • 6 June 2018 / 11:59 am

      Hahaha that’s great to hear we’re not the only serial honeymooners out there 😛 Where did you fly to on your Emirates experience and did you write a blog post about it as I’d love to read it! xo

  5. 6 June 2018 / 12:41 am

    WOW! You traveled to some lovely places <3 My dream place is to visit Italy, I'm just in awe by the culture, cuisine and language. Thanks for sharing your experience because I don't get to travel overseas at the moment but reading posts like these makes me feel like I'm there 🙂

    Natonya |

  6. 5 June 2018 / 6:48 pm

    Every single place and experience looks absolutely amazing! I’m a sucker for beautiful hotels and the Cobbler’s Cove is going straight to my bucket list!

  7. Jasmin
    5 June 2018 / 8:48 am

    When I can afford to Michelin Dining in Italy I know I’ve made it. Such an impressive list!

  8. 3 June 2018 / 9:55 am

    I think we have a lot in common my lovely! Which ryokan did you stay in Hakone? It’s an amazing experience right.

    • 3 June 2018 / 4:55 pm

      Fukuzumiro! You?

  9. 2 June 2018 / 12:21 pm

    I love the look of these places – they are really well found and not the names everyone knows! Real treats by the looks of it, especially that Argentinian one! One of our annual luxuries is flying first class, roll on February and the next one!

    • 3 June 2018 / 4:57 pm

      Thank you Anna! Did you check out my longer blog post about our stay in Argentina? It was an incredible holiday. I’m a huge fan of Relais & Chateaux hotels, although I imagine this one is extra special 🙂 Where are you off to next?

  10. 2 June 2018 / 10:32 am

    These look amazing. Can’t agree more on the Na’Pali coast! The cobblers cove and Japan trips are ones I would love to replicate this year. (Really I would live to do them all tjough haha) How was cobblers cove busy-wise over Christmas?

    • 3 June 2018 / 4:59 pm

      I highly recommend both! For Cobbler’s Cove we always go for 5 or 7 nights before the 18th December, as the prices double after this day. It works well for us, as we visit our families after for Christmas, all tanned and relaxed 😛 xx

  11. 1 June 2018 / 9:06 pm

    Loved reading this! Japan is definitely one of my favourite places – such contrast between old-world and ultra-modern. Flying in a helicopter is still on my wish list!!

    • 3 June 2018 / 5:00 pm

      One to tick off this year maybe?! 😉

  12. 1 June 2018 / 4:58 pm

    Wow these are such fantastic experiences!!!

    • 1 June 2018 / 7:28 pm

      Thank you 🙂 It’s been a whirlwind past few years!

  13. 1 June 2018 / 11:38 am

    Wow Lara, these are amazing experiences. I’ve done a few helicopter rides and just love the perspective you get from up there. I’ve followed many of your hotel stays and travels and I truly just am in awe of some of those locations. Love your photography too. What a fantastic list of experiences.

    • 1 June 2018 / 12:40 pm

      Thank you so much, it’s been a crazy couple of years, basically jumping on every single opportunity to board a plane to somewhere! I don’t know about you, but since I started blogging it’s actually enriched my travel experience. I research more, do more, learning to take better photos, which is great for memories, and as a result have better holidays! x

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