Bao Soho London

Bao Soho London

Bao London serves up some of the best, fluffiest and tastiest bao in the city. But be prepared to queue!

Baozi, bao or pao are the taco-shaped steamed buns flooding your Instagram. Originally from East Asia, steamed buns can now be found everywhere. Not all bao are created equal, however, with important differences between those from Taiwan, Japan or Korea.

If you want to avoid looking like a total idiot, check up and down the street outside Bao before you enter. It’s a common mistake once you turn onto Lexington Street Soho, to only look at the shop entrance and, eyes fixated on the store front, think there is no queue.

Admittedly, that was also our first reaction until we got a little bit closer and noticed the line of 30 people on the other side of the street. And right at the back of the queue, our friends patiently waiting.

But many people neglected to notice the queue altogether or perhaps thought that, this being England, it was just a bunch of English people queuing for fun, and tried their luck. Even if you pulled up right outside the door in a black Mercedes dressed like Kim K and Kanye, it still wouldn’t work. Yes, that actually happened.

Bao Soho London

Peanut Milk Lady

To be honest, the wait wasn’t so bad, but that’s probably because we were with friends catching up. Although we did get pretty excited once we made it to the front of the queue and were shown to our seats. We took our place along the counter, which was excellent for our friends’ young boy who got to sit on the countertop and meet peanut milk lady.

Bao Soho London

Three Classic Pork Bao

The menu is simple enough. Order from six different fillings, Classic pork, Confit pork, Chicken, Lamb, and Something Vegetarian (sorry, I was there for the pork). They also have a few small dishes you can order on the side. We went for the aubergine and beef, both delicious.

Bao Soho London

Beef side dish

Funny story. The aubergine comes with some wonton crisps, but none of us had noticed that on the menu, given how starving we were. And so, expecting two dishes, and of course since we were starving, we assumed that the crisps, which came in a second bowl beside our aubergine, was the beef… Our friend bit into the crisp and said “mmm, very interesting beef!” To the dismay of the Asian couple next to us, the guy giving us some serious stink eye for our mistake…!

Bao Soho London

Two Lamb Bao

Back to the food. We ordered a few of each, minus the vegetarian option, whatever that was. The waitress suggested two bao each, but I would say go for at least three!

Bao Soho London

One Confit Pork Bao

All the bao are delicious, my favourite was the lamb and confit pork. I wasn’t too thrilled about the miniature tea cups, especially at £2.50 a pop, although I hear it’s traditional in Taiwan. The teapot, as you can see below, is tiny.

Bao Soho London

Tiny Tea

Overall, while it is slightly expensive, Bao dosh out quality food and seem to be expanding in London, which should really help reduce that big queue!




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