• Did I Really Just Get The Coronavirus?

    As we come together against the biggest common enemy of modern times, one can only wonder, what the heck is next?

    HelloFresh, Even For People Who Can’t Cook

    We signed up to HelloFresh hoping it would help my husband learn how to cook, this is our story.

    The Perfect Date Night at Twist Kitchen, Marylebone

    Twist is a popular local restaurant in Marylebone, serving quality tapas with a modern twist in a warm and unpretentious setting.

    Nowhere to be, Nothing to do

    Nowhere to be, nothing to do has become my antithesis to all the noise, pressures and distractions in life as I reflect on my first year of motherhood.

    Newborn Baby Essentials, A Checklist for City Mums

    Being a city mum comes with its own set of challenges. Therefore I’ve drawn up a list of all the things you will need to prepare for the first 6 months of your big arrival.

    The Perfect San Diego Weekend Itinerary

    From my week in California’s finest city, I’ve selected the highlights of our trip to plan the perfect San Diego weekend itinerary.

    What to Expect in the Fourth Trimester

    Books and antenatal classes will tell you things about newborn poop and how many nappies are normal. But what they won’t tell you is how it feels to suddenly become Mum and Dad…

    The Hidden Costs of Breastfeeding

    Before having my baby, I attended an NCT breastfeeding course where we were told three key things about breastfeeding. That it is (1) possible for everyone (2) free and (3) convenient. However for me, it was none of these.

    How to Spend A Ridiculous Unforgettable Luxury Weekend in Macau

    So what does it take to impress today’s Instagram-seen-it-all generation? Try Macau, the former Portuguese colony turned gambling mega-city, a place so ridiculously extravagant that even a Sheikh would raise his eyebrows.

    The Most Glamorous (Private) Parts of Pregnancy

    Everything ‘they’ won’t tell you about pregnancy. From vomiting and burping to constipation, the H-word, swelling, every type of pain, and (sorry) more…

    Amawrap Newborn Baby Sling Review

    In this post I look at the benefits of babywearing, review the award-winning Amawrap sling and explain the key differences between baby slings and carriers.

    My Birth Story Part 3: How It Happened

    This blog post is the last of three where I reflect on what it was like giving birth and tell my story of how it happened…

    My Birth Story Part 2: How Was It?

    It’s a question most people ask after you’ve had a baby… But the question has a few problems, and I have a few problems with the question!

    My Birth Story Part 1: No Epidural

    I gave birth in a London hospital ‘the natural way’ with no epidural, and ever since it seems that everyone has an opinion about it. Here’s what I think.

    Things I’ve Missed Most During My Pregnancy

    A lot of things changed for me when I became pregnant. While it’s all natural and part of the journey, I’m still human, and as I count down the days until baby, here’s what else I’m looking forward to (it’s not what you think!)

    Samambaia Project: A Zero Waste Pop-up in London

    Samambaia Project is a new pop-up restaurant in London that takes up the challenge of zero waste cooking and challenges you to see sustainability as the new normal, and not just a hype.

    Smells Like Pregnancy

    Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful, wonderful, meaningful times in a woman’s life… Or something. Who am I kidding, it stinks!

    Olloclip Photography Lens Review for Smartphone

    Olloclip make clip-on lenses for both iPhone and android, basically equipping your smartphone camera with superpowers. Using a different lens, get creative with a range of wide-angle, fisheye and close-up shots…

    Should You Go to the Baby Show?

    The Baby Show is the largest pregnancy and parenting event in the UK and an absolute must for first-time parents. Read for my top reasons to go, which day to attend, and helpful tips for making the most out of your visit.

    Best Pasta in London: Padella or Pastaio?

    Handmade fresh pasta is one of the major food trends sweeping London. Over the past few years, Padella and Pastaio have become two of the biggest names in London’s pasta scene, but which is better?

    Rancho Valencia: The Perfect Babymoon Hotel

    I think I may have found the world’s best hotel for spending a babymoon… I honestly can’t fault a single thing at Rancho Valencia. And also, complimentary Porsches, what? Come see for yourself!

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