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  • Argentina Rafting

    Adventures of Lara Croft: Argentina Survival

    Activities, such as trekking, rafting, or rock climbing are great fun on holiday. In a previous post Top 5 Things to Do in Mendoza I recommend spending at least a day doing an activity. Past holidays I've [...]

  • Everything You Need to Know About Visiting Barbados

    Barbados is the perfect Caribbean island for escaping the winter because it has Cobbler's Cove, one of my favourite boutique hotels also boasting the best restaurant on the island. I first came in 2012 and couldn't [...]

  • What to Pack to Mykonos

    What to Pack for Mykonos

    Packing Checklist Mykonos, the beautiful Greek Cycladic island of the Aegean... And everyone knows it. The tiny island attracts over a million tourists each summer and does its best to cater to all. From local Greek [...]


Press for Champagne

16 February 2017|Blog, Food, London, Restaurants|

Slide into your booth at Bob Bob Ricard, a Soho restaurant serving English and Russian classics, and you may think you're there for some fancy food. Think again. You're in for a good time. Bob Bob Ricard is a sure thing, any night of the week. Press for champagne, sit back and enjoy.

Athens Balthazar

8 February 2017|Blog, Food, Restaurants|

Fusion Food in a Stunning Mansion Balthazar is among my top picks for dinner and drinks in Athens. The food is as impeccable as the design, serving modern Mediterranean cuisine with a twist. Creativity and ambience flow endlessly throughout this 1897 mansion all year round. Perhaps [...]

Exclusive: Mykonos Villa in Agios Ioannis

1 February 2017|Blog, Lifestyle, Travel|

Bougain Villa in Agios Ioannis Miss Portmanteau brings you an exclusive opportunity to book the perfect Mykonos villa for your 2017 summer vacation. Bougain Villa is re-opening for bookings this summer following a major renovation to upgrade the property to today’s luxury standards.  Highlights: 3 bedrooms, 3 [...]

How to Handle Valentine’s Day

25 January 2017|Blog, Culture, Lifestyle|

Specific Advice for General Situations A word to the wise: Make Valentine’s Day memorable, because chances are it will be remembered. Whether it’s your first Valentine’s together or your sixth, casually dating or totally single, here’s some advice in how to handle the day of [...]

Bao Soho London

17 January 2017|Blog, Food, London, Restaurants|

There can only be one King of Bao Bao in Soho, London serves up some of the best, fluffiest and tastiest bao in the city. But be prepared to wait in the queue! Baozi, bao or pao are those taco-shaped steamed buns flooding your Instagram. [...]

Argentina: La Bamba de Areco

6 January 2017|Blog, Travel|

Pampering in Las Pampas La Bamba de Areco is a slice of Argentine countryside heaven. It’s empanadas and asado. Malbec on tap, horse riding and gauchos steeped in tradition. Relaxation and luxury, incredible service. People, family and friends. It’s a unique experience, and one of [...]

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