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  • Argentina Rafting

    Adventures of Lara Croft: Argentina Survival

    Activities, such as trekking, rafting, or rock climbing are great fun on holiday. In a previous post Top 5 Things to Do in Mendoza I recommend spending at least a day doing an activity. Past holidays I've [...]

  • Everything You Need to Know About Visiting Barbados

    Barbados is the perfect Caribbean island for escaping the winter because it has Cobbler's Cove, one of my favourite boutique hotels also boasting the best restaurant on the island. I first came in 2012 and couldn't [...]

  • What to Pack to Mykonos

    What to Pack for Mykonos

    Packing Checklist Mykonos, the beautiful Greek Cycladic island of the Aegean... And everyone knows it. The tiny island attracts over a million tourists each summer and does its best to cater to all. From local Greek [...]


Sri Lanka Part II: Two Week Itinerary

13 April 2017|Blog, Travel|

Until recently Sri Lanka was not really on my radar, which now feels like a major oversight. The island is incredible. Pristine beaches, waterfalls, tea plantation highlands, ancient and colonial cities, temples, wildlife, safari... Sri Lanka needs to be explored. And to do that, you need at least [...]

Sri Lanka Part I: All in a Weekend

5 April 2017|Blog, Travel|

Last month I spent two weeks in India with my fiancé and his two colleagues. Since we were staying in Chennai, about an hour’s flight from Sri Lanka, we figured we absolutely must go that weekend. I drew up three plans for the team: Option A: Wildlife [...]

INTERVIEW: Erika Alvarez of Koua | Mexzik

3 April 2017|Blog, Culture, Lifestyle|

Bringing Mexico to the World Each month I’m interviewing rising stars, entrepreneurs in different industries and sectors to share their inspiring stories as well as help us understand what it takes to carve your own path in life. Last month we heard from the Collyer Twins [...]

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