Drop in to Your Local Farmacy

Drop in to Your Local Farmacy

Vegetarian Brunch in Notting Hill

Farmacy is my favourite brunch spot right now. Hands down they do the best avocado toast in town.

Smooth avocado sits atop a toasted multigrain vegan muffin, garnished with pea shoots, bean sprouts and a recurring favourite of mine, smoked paprika; culminating into avocado toast perfection.

Avocado Toast

It’s a light meal unless you order some poached eggs with it, leaving room to indulge in one of their starters or deserts. Deserts are on a separate menu, so don’t forget to ask for it after your finish your main.

Farmacy London

I recently invited my bridesmaids for a pre-wedding shopping brunch at Farmacy. This time I tried the English Breakfast and we shared a cinnamon roll and crumble for desert. It was also light and didn’t leave me with that lethargic feeling that follows a meaty English Breakfast.

Farmacy London

To drink I ordered the Fire Starter syringe shot, having underestimated how spicy cayenne is, and chased it with a perfectly balanced Lemon-aid. My bridesmaids had the Calzone, avocado toast with 2 poached eggs, an Iced Matcha and an almond milk latte.

Farmacy LondonFarmacy London Iced MatchaFarmacy London








On my next trip I’m going to try the Mexican Earth Bowl, having watched with envy as numerous orders were brought out from the kitchen.

I’m not vegetarian but when in the mood for something healthy, Farmacy sure hits the spot. The restaurant doesn’t take reservations and quickly fills up on the weekend. You should just about be able to get a table off the bat at or before noon, with at least ten people standing in wait for a table after 1pm.

Farmacy also has an extensive wine and cocktail list on the reverse of the menu, which I’ll be sure to try on my next visit. The wines are all organic, which basically means that no chemicals were used on the vineyard.






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