The Christmas Gift Edit

The “Snog, Marry, Avoid” of Gifting Another Christmas, another Gift Guide... Here are some ideas about what to get - and not get - your significant other. So before you hit the shops, read these important do's and don'ts of romantic Christmas gifting. Christmas shopping can be a real nightmare. Just when you’ve nailed [...]

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King’s Quest Adventure Game

Couples who game together, stay together The new release of King’s Quest is a great game to play as a couple, as it’s more about putting your heads together than control over the remote. It's great for people with and without gaming experience alike. The gameplay is easy, but the puzzles can be tricky. When [...]

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Netflix Power

8.1/10 on IMDd (2014-) Power is the new TV series produced by 50 Cent - and it’s everything I look for to fuel my TV series obsession. Power is available now on Netflix. There are 3 seasons with season 4 coming out in June 2017. You have to check out Power, a friend said to me. You [...]

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The Evolution of Sushi Culture

From Japan to Portugal Sushi is everywhere today. It’s popularity and accessibility has exploded around the world from London to Lagos. Sushi can now be eaten on any budget, anywhere. Sushi restaurants have sprouted up and proliferated worldwide as a result of restauranteurs seeking higher margins and clientele seeking something more exotic. In London there are many [...]

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Japan: Fukuzumiro Ryokan

Ryokan Stay the Japanese Way A stay at a ryokan, a traditional Japanese inn, should be on every itinerary of first-time visitors to Japan. It's no gimmick and very popular with Japanese and Western tourists alike. Ryokan's are typically found outside city centres in scenic locations and often near the onsen, hot springs, offering a [...]

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