(Christmas) Party Like a Swede

Glögg, aquavit and yahtzee Christmas is celebrated across many different cultures and in different ways. This is a little story about my time at a Swedish Christmas party in Portugal. A few Fridays ago I was having one of those days. Mum to the rescue, she came to pick me up and we went to [...]

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TV Series: Top 20

Miss Portmanteau's Top Picks From fantasy dragons to horror zombies, big-time drug traffickers to small-time suburban mom pushers. Friends old and new, series both made up and true. Miss Portmanteau's TV Top 20 has got it all. TV Shows have come a long way over the past 20 years. Production budgets, viewer numbers and [...]

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Game: Settlers of Catan

Bring. It. On. The festive season is almost in full-swing with appetites to venture outside fast approaching the temperature: zero. Consumption of food and alcohol is on the rise, in parallel with body-fat percentages, whatever you must do to stay warm. Forgotten relatives are now returning to the scene, poking their noses around and inviting [...]

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New Fashion Brand: CLEONICE

Made to Fit, Made in Lisbon Lisbon-based fashion brand CLEONICE is the name to know. Recent collections include day-to-night and seasonal pieces designed for the urban modern woman and created just for you. Founded in 2016, CLEONICE explores the relationship between clothes and identity, seeking to empower women through fashion and design. The brand celebrates individuality [...]

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I Heart Broad City

Yassss Queen! Broad City is the hilarious, kick-ass show from Comedy Central created by and starring Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson. The show really is one-of-a-kind at the moment. Comparisons have been made, although each one ends with, “but Broad City is way better.”   Earlier this year in an interview with Playboy, [...]

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