Exclusive: Mykonos Villa in Agios Ioannis

Bougain Villa in Agios Ioannis Miss Portmanteau brings you an exclusive opportunity to book the perfect Mykonos villa for your 2017 summer vacation. Bougain Villa is re-opening for bookings this summer following a major renovation to upgrade the property to today’s luxury standards.  Highlights: 3 bedrooms, 3 en-suite bathrooms, sleeps six Private luxury villa for families or [...]

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How to Handle Valentine’s Day

Specific Advice for General Situations A word to the wise: Make Valentine’s Day memorable, because chances are it will be remembered. Whether it’s your first Valentine’s together or your sixth, casually dating or totally single, here’s some advice in how to handle the day of love this year. My attitude towards Valentine’s Day constantly changes. [...]

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New Year, New You

What are you waiting for? Many of us are sick of New Years Resolutions. It seems that not nearly enough of us ever manage to stick with them. Perhaps they are unrealistic, too idealistic. Go to the gym every day, cut out sugar and alcohol for a year, learn Japanese... I recently tried a [...]

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5 Kinds of Online Man Caves

Porn. Anime. Comics. There are all sorts of corners of the internet. From the disgusting to the totally weird to the downright hilarious. My inside man George reveals where to find the manliest and geekiest of websites. The Five Kinds of Online Man Caves The Bad: 4chan The Good: Reddit The Weird: Yonkis The Geeky: Crunchyroll, xkcd, phdcomics, [...]

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Christmas Movie Time

Snuggle up and enjoy a Christmas movie Christmas. The season of lights, cameras and… not so much action. Christmas Day is the calm after the storm. You’ve already braved the crowded Christmas shops and markets, sat through a boozy company Christmas do and seen most of your friends before everyone disappears back home. On [...]

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