INTERVIEW: Erika Alvarez of Koua | Mexzik

Bringing Mexico to the World Each month I’m interviewing rising stars, entrepreneurs in different industries and sectors to share their inspiring stories as well as help us understand what it takes to carve your own path in life. Last month we heard from the Collyer Twins about their quest to become social media influencers, as they [...]

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My Favourite Movies from Asia

How often do you watch a foreign film? I probably watch one foreign film per 20 Hollywood movies I see. I've wondered why that is and concluded it's partly a language preference, location thing, and how I consume films, Netflix or cinema. When I see a foreign film it's usually because I decided to look [...]

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INTERVIEW: The Collyer Twins

A look inside: Social Influencers Miss Portmanteau teamed up with the beautiful Collyer Twins to talk blogging and social media success. They explain what it’s like breaking into the social media world, taking us through some key challenges, career highlights and what’s next in store. The interview is the first in a series that celebrates young entrepreneurs [...]

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Truffles 101: Key Facts You Should Know

“All truffles are not created equal" What do you know about truffles? It’s a question I was forced to ask myself last May. Although I’m still no expert, I’ve since learned a lot of interesting things about these below ground fungus fruits. Truffles are everywhere these days, but most people barely know a thing about [...]

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