My Favourite Movies from Asia

How often do you watch a foreign film? I probably watch one foreign film per 20 Hollywood movies I see. I've wondered why that is and concluded it's partly a language preference, location thing, and how I consume films, Netflix or cinema. When I see a foreign film it's usually because I decided to look [...]

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5 Kinds of Online Man Caves

Porn. Anime. Comics. There are all sorts of corners of the internet. From the disgusting to the totally weird to the downright hilarious. My inside man George reveals where to find the manliest and geekiest of websites. The Five Kinds of Online Man Caves The Bad: 4chan The Good: Reddit The Weird: Yonkis The Geeky: Crunchyroll, xkcd, phdcomics, [...]

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Christmas Movie Time

Snuggle up and enjoy a Christmas movie Christmas. The season of lights, cameras and… not so much action. Christmas Day is the calm after the storm. You’ve already braved the crowded Christmas shops and markets, sat through a boozy company Christmas do and seen most of your friends before everyone disappears back home. On [...]

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TV Series: Top 20

Miss Portmanteau's Top Picks From fantasy dragons to horror zombies, big-time drug traffickers to small-time suburban mom pushers. Friends old and new, series both made up and true. Miss Portmanteau's TV Top 20 has got it all. TV Shows have come a long way over the past 20 years. Production budgets, viewer numbers and [...]

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Game: Settlers of Catan

Bring. It. On. The festive season is almost in full-swing with appetites to venture outside fast approaching the temperature: zero. Consumption of food and alcohol is on the rise, in parallel with body-fat percentages, whatever you must do to stay warm. Forgotten relatives are now returning to the scene, poking their noses around and inviting [...]

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