What to Pack for Mykonos

Packing Checklist Mykonos, the beautiful Greek Cycladic island of the Aegean... And everyone knows it. The tiny island attracts over a million tourists each summer and does its best to cater to all. From local Greek tabernas serving up octopus and meze to up-market restaurants like Nobu, Hakkasan and Buddha Bar; local Greek brands and boutiques [...]

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Awesome Blogger Award!

I've been nominated by Anna from Fit & Classy for the Awesome Blogger Award. Thank you, Anna! Anna is a woman on a mission to get fit and cut the excuses that stop so many of us from reaching our goals. She has been getting up at the crack of dawn lately to go for [...]

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How to Choose Wine

Gone are the days of “second up from the top”, or bottom, depending on your income bracket. While there remains a lot of mysticism about wine - and rightfully so, it takes opening one to truly know what is inside - people everywhere are getting much more savvy about the grape juice. But with so [...]

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5 Keys to The Best Hen Trip Ever!

I’m getting married and decided to do a hen trip with my bridesmaids. What could possibly go wrong? Despite having five of the coolest bridesmaids that ever lived, we caused more mayhem than the guys from The Hangover, minus the drugs and tiger. Forget Bridezilla, I was Bridam Neeson. But what happens in Barca, stays [...]

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INTERVIEW: Anastasia | Love From Cyprus

I am very excited to introduce the third #girlboss in my interview series into the lives and drives of up and coming entrepreneurs. Each month I talk to people who are carving out their own paths in life, boss of their own business or creative venture. While I’m digging the #girlpower, boys are absolutely welcome [...]

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