What I Wore in Mykonos

Mykonos is definitely the most fashionable Greek island I once bumped into Olivier Rousteing as we squeezed our way through the town centre's crowded streets somewhere between 1 and 2 am. It's one of the first things people notice on their first time to the island, how well dressed everyone is. I get asked a [...]

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Notebook Wars: MOO vs Moleskine

Moo-ve over Moleskine, there’s a new player in town. You may have heard about this little company called MOO, best known for their original and high-quality business cards. Perhaps you’ve seen their clever advertising around London, with posters that say “Introduce yourself. Properly. Don’t be a what’s-his-face.” But did you know that MOO began as [...]

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The Only Mykonos Guide You Need

Now that I’m a Myconian wife, I’m officially an authority on all things Mykonos. So let’s get started. Mykonos is a beautiful Greek Cycladic island just north of Paros and Naxos. The island is great for its party beaches, picturesque churches, easygoing vibe, iconic windmills and 24 hour town centre. And it's beautiful. But like [...]

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Bougain Villa Mykonos Summer House

What's this blogger got that the others don't have? A house in Mykonos! And we still have availability this season from the end of August through September. In February I posted Exclusive: Mykonos Villa in Agios Ioannis, offering all Miss Portmanteau readers a unique opportunity to book our Mykonos summer home for the 2017 season. [...]

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