Press for Champagne

Slide into your booth at Bob Bob Ricard, a Soho restaurant serving English and Russian classics, and you may think you're there for some fancy food. Think again. You're in for a good time. Bob Bob Ricard is a sure thing, any night of the week. Press for champagne, sit back and enjoy.

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Athens Balthazar

Fusion Food in a Stunning Mansion Balthazar is among my top picks for dinner and drinks in Athens. The food is as impeccable as the design, serving modern Mediterranean cuisine with a twist. Creativity and ambience flow endlessly throughout this 1897 mansion all year round. Perhaps its Balthazar’s attention to detail and providing a year-round space [...]

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Bao Soho London

There can only be one King of Bao Bao in Soho, London serves up some of the best, fluffiest and tastiest bao in the city. But be prepared to wait in the queue! Baozi, bao or pao are those taco-shaped steamed buns flooding your Instagram. Originally from East Asia, steamed buns can now be found [...]

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Where to Cheese this Christmas

London: La Cave a Fromage La Cave a Fromage in Notting Hill is considered to be one of the best cheese shops in the world. You can enjoy their cheese with wine in store, try one of their cheese tasting events, or simply buy cheese to take home. Instead of going to yet another Christmas [...]

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London: Top Five Burgers

Patty. Bun. Cheese. London is one of the best cities for chowing down on filthy delicious burgers, with no shortage of burgerias to be found within the M25. I bring you my ultimate top 5, and crown Bleecker Street Burgers the winner. Long gone are the days when McDonalds and Burger King shared a seat [...]

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