1. a large traveling bag, typically made of stiff leather and opening into two equal parts

2. a word blending the sounds and combining the meanings of two others, for example, motel or brunch



I am a portmanteau. Half Norwegian, half Portuguese and like a traveling case, I’ve lived all over the world. That’s 6 countries, 10 schools, at least 25 flats and houses and hundreds of planes back and forth with a very confused notion of what and where is home. Today, I live in London with my Greek husband.

Since I’ve never been one to fit neatly inside a box, it took me a while to figure out how to define my blog. I started MISS PORTMANTEAU in November 2016 as a place to share my passion for writing, food, and travel. My tagline everything I know about the good life came later and sums up the direction of my blog.

I want to explore what the good life means for today and tomorrow. I believe it’s a universal concept but one that is constantly changing. From the refrigerators, TVs and Cadillac’s of the American dream to the technological connectedness and emphasis on experiences over material goods today, it’s a concept that undeniably evolves.

It is incredible that people can now eat and travel more diversely than ever before, but the growth in accessibility and demand raise big sustainability questions that we cannot ignore. Food and travel responsibility is an important issue for everybody and will increasingly define how we measure the good life going forward.

Food and Travel are my top two categories, although I also write on other topics. From restaurant reviews to trip tips, travel stories to city guides, I have my finger on the pulse of today’s big food and travel trends.

I work with other bloggers on collaborations or guest posts, as well as brands or companies on freelance or sponsored posts. Drop me an email at xoportmanteau@gmail.com if you’d like to discuss further.


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