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Creating Miss Portmanteau

All my 29 years have led up to this. At the end of summer 2016 I said goodbye to a career in energy research and consulting in order to follow my dreams of becoming a writer.

I started this lifestyle blog as a way to help me make that transition. Years in a corporate environment is not easy to shake off! My entire network and world has changed, not to mention my wardrobe!

In the bizarre world of oil and gas, it’s best not to draw too much attention to ones feminine self, which I took a little too literally, rocking a genderless suit and loafers vibe for way too long.

Year One

While Miss Portmanteau is still a baby, my plans are to experiment, to write about anything and everything that inspires me, that I think will inspire you, that I recommend or want to share. All work and photos are my own. 

The three main categories are Food, Travel and Lifestyle, with sub-categories such as London, Culture and Entertainment. My values – honesty, integrity and quality – underpin every post I write.

2017 is going to be a huge year for me. I’m getting married to the love of my life in Mykonos and going on an epic honeymoon around Hawaii ending with two nights in Tokyo.

Since the day we met, George and I have been really busy making our wildest dreams come true. We found each other, travelled to many new places, learned about grown-up things like wine and keeping fit, while setting new goals for the future. We’re a solid team with big dreams.

Mr and Mrs Portmanteau

Despite the name, Miss Portmanteau is not a women’s blog. Although it’s not called Mr and Mrs Portmanteau, which sounds long and silly, George is the biggest influence in my life and my number one reader. My lifestyle blog is a reflection of who we are and where we are going.

I grew up moving country often. I’m half Norwegian and half Portuguese. I was top of my class despite having attended eight different schools, danced ballet, ran track, trained in MMA, presented my Masters thesis at the European Parliament… These days I’m writing a book, blogging, reading, learning Greek, hitting up the gym and currently on level 2293 in Candy Crush.

George is a Greek from Mykonos, surprisingly buff for someone with four math degrees, well-dressed, knows everything about anime, has read all Terry Pratchett, and is great at DIY.

Together, we have a never ending list of interests, hobbies and things we’d love to do if we had either the time or money. There is always a book to read, a movie to watch, a recipe to cook, a walk to take, a new place to see, a language to learn…

Looking Forward

At the end of 2018 I will re-evaluate and probably look for a job. If you’d like to offer me one get in touch! Or get in touch anyway at xoportmanteau@gmail.com. My current position is a temporary luxury but don’t worry, I plan to continue Miss Portmanteau for many years to come! I want to write for big online magazines or run a blog for a hotel or restaurant business.

I always wanted to be a writer but I was afraid I wouldn’t make enough money. So I chose a different path and it’s led me right back here. In my old job I was writing everyday, which made me happy at first. Every week my work would get published to our clients, many of which are really intelligent people, CEOs, top strategy teams… It was an honour, but it wasn’t mine. I also didn’t get much credit as it was only the company’s name and not my own that our clients would see. Still, I have my old job to thank for giving me the confidence to start on this new path.

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