My Favourite Movies from Asia

How often do you watch a foreign film? I probably watch one foreign film per 20 Hollywood movies I see. I've wondered why that is and concluded it's partly a language preference, location thing, and how I consume films, Netflix or cinema. When I see a foreign film it's usually because I decided to look [...]

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Sunday Lunch at Herodion Hotel, Athens

Modern Greek-inspired cuisine The Herodion Hotel sits right at the doorstep of the Acropolis. Visit for incredible rooftop views and excellent food at its two restaurants, Atrium and Point A. Over the last few years the Herodion Hotel in Athens has been stepping up its gourmet game, establishing the very popular summer rooftop bar and [...]

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Through the Red Door

Red Door is the first yakiniku ‘grilled meat’ bar restaurant in Athens. Dine in just your socks, no shoes allowed. Draw the curtain shut for privacy or leave it open and watch as the bar fills up and transforms into a club.

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