5 Kinds of Online Man Caves

Porn. Anime. Comics. There are all sorts of corners of the internet. From the disgusting to the totally weird to the downright hilarious. My inside man George reveals where to find the manliest and geekiest of websites. The Five Kinds of Online Man Caves The Bad: 4chan The Good: Reddit The Weird: Yonkis The Geeky: Crunchyroll, xkcd, phdcomics, [...]

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Christmas Movie Time

Snuggle up and enjoy a Christmas movie Christmas. The season of lights, cameras and… not so much action. Christmas Day is the calm after the storm. You’ve already braved the crowded Christmas shops and markets, sat through a boozy company Christmas do and seen most of your friends before everyone disappears back home. On [...]

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(Christmas) Party Like a Swede

Glögg, aquavit and yahtzee Christmas is celebrated across many different cultures and in different ways. This is a little story about my time at a Swedish Christmas party in Portugal. A few Fridays ago I was having one of those days. Mum to the rescue, she came to pick me up and we went to [...]

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Where to Cheese this Christmas

London: La Cave a Fromage La Cave a Fromage in Notting Hill is considered to be one of the best cheese shops in the world. You can enjoy their cheese with wine in store, try one of their cheese tasting events, or simply buy cheese to take home. Instead of going to yet another Christmas [...]

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London: Top Five Burgers

Patty. Bun. Cheese. London is one of the best cities for chowing down on filthy delicious burgers, with no shortage of burgerias to be found within the M25. I bring you my ultimate top 5, and crown Bleecker Street Burgers the winner. Long gone are the days when McDonalds and Burger King shared a seat [...]

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